Spring is here again and with it, the regional conference season. As the ground thaws, at least here in the northeast, business development teams are out and about, trying to catch the attention of engineers, utilities, and industrial water managers. Budding companies with disruptive technologies are seeking funding to support the race against droughts, floods, lead, PFAS and other water contaminants. And some of us are planning trips to connect with clients, see innovations in action, and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing our water community in 2023.

I recently attended the New Jersey AWWA Conference in Atlantic City where I was lucky to meet up with old colleagues and some new faces to hear what’s hot on the east coast.

Later this season we’re looking forward to attending

Next thing you know, it’ll be time for ACE23 and we’ll be off to Canada to see all the technologies and maybe even a bit of Toronto. Are you planning to attend these or any other shows this season? If so, maybe we can catch up.

Finally, because professional and personal lives are pretty integrated in our home, I have been on a mission to do more to care for the earth in my own small way. While the Boeh Agency is committed to helping our clients get their climate-saving technologies into the right hands, the Boeh family is wanting to do more than just drive an electric vehicle. I’ve been taking an online course in permaculture – regenerative landscaping – to transform our little ½ acre suburban property into an eco paradise, where the watershed, animal habitats, and plant life are working together in harmony as a sustainable cycle that supports itself. The principles include better water management, more permeable landscaping, native plants and shrubs, and growing more food. It’s a small experiment and won’t change the climate crisis but sometimes you just have to start with something, right?

If anyone has tips or insight, please reach out. I will need all the help I can get. I may try to document my progress and learnings along the way on my personal LinkedIn so if you’re as curious as I am about sustainable agriculture/ gardening, feel free to follow along.

Peace to you and yours,